Thursday, April 18, 2002

So What's New?

Yes ladies and gentlemen-- after a silence of a couple of weeks, I'm back blogging away.

At the moment, blogging still translates as "procrastintion" in Regina-speak. I just got off Yahoo messenger with Christy Carl after having told her that I have a doctoral thesis proposal to write and a shitload of reading for my next big paper to do but...

Oh well... I'm currently in relaxation mode anyway because by some fluke, I have managed to complete (or damn-well-near complete) my two assessed essays that are supposed to be turned in next Friday. It was a real pleasant surprise to walk into my tutorial on Monday and be told that my sati essay--yes, that essay that caused me to almost tear out my hair with frustration-- is excellent and ready to be handed in. My Modern Chinese History essay is still under review (for the second time) but essentially, I was told that it's in really good shape although the tutor thinks that I have a "Whiggish view of history" endemic among feminists. Well, what can I say? I am a feminist.

So elated am I that I've been lazing about reading trashy novels and sleeping late since Sunday. I even called my mom, who, by the way, now knows that I am dating David-- my Jewish hunnybear of 4 months from New York City. I could go into a whole lot of detail about David but at the moment, my whim is NOT to go into that whole lot of detail about my man. Basically, he's a mensch and although we have some problems, he makes me happy... which is more than I can say about the last two idiots I dated/semi-dated. Anyway, my mom didn't react too badly and promised not to tell Granma (who would throw an absolute fit if she knew).

Actually, the last couple of weeks have been pretty good to me since the whole a cappella fiasco. St Hugh's botch-up of my accomodation was resolved somewhat with the help of the tutor-for-graduates (Dr Luet Wong-- you are AWESOME!) although it remains to be seen whether I will be left in the same room as I am in now. It isn't as big as I would like but since I've already moved in and paid for my share of the extra second-hand fridge my housemates and I procured, staying put seems to be the best option available to my peace of mind at the moment-- and boy do I want some peace of mind.

So now that I've left a cappella far behind me, what now? Well, I guess that I'm looking into getting fit again-- as fit as I was at Sweet Briar College (that's SBC to those in the know!). So I'm taking a look at my eating habits and beginning to do low fat substitutes again. But even more exciting is that I have booked myself in for regular aerobics classes starting from tomorrow and pilates classes once a week. I might even go back to horseback riding if I have time. The great thing about where I'm living now is that I'm only 10 mins walk away from the fitness centre, 10 mins walk away from town, 10 mins walk away from North Oxford where some of my friends live and there are plenty of shortcuts to the Weds morning fresh produce market, the train and coach stations and cinemas. Even the bus stop immediately outside my house is on the main bus routes going from North Oxford to East Oxford via the City Centre-- the whole student route. Best of all, it's far away enough from town so the pesky tourists don't go by on those goddamn open-top buses with the loud tour guide every 10 mins. I haven't been biking for about 4 months now and I suppose I should resume biking around although I find that I get more exercise walking about so I guess biking might be shelved for another month.

It's funny-- I've just realised that it's the little things in life that make for a fairly happy and comfortable one...